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Jertyne Interior Services Ltd. was founded by Robert and Lorie Legault with a goal to provide complete insulation and drywall contracting services to home builders throughout the Calgary and surrounding areas. As a small corporation, with a vision to provide integrity, excellence and success through partnerships to all its customers, Jertyne opened its operation in 1994 with three employees, which included the founders. It operated from within a home base office and the early years were the true test of survival as a young company struggled to gain shares in an extremely competitive market. To win home builders’ confidence in a young company, partial contracting services were offered based on the customer’s needs. In offering partial contracting services, success was gained through partner relations. Jertyne’s growth is the result of a strong belief in our ability to deliver excellence in all we do – the standard by which we measure ourselves. We deliver on standards of excellence by accepting responsibility for our commitments. Our integrity is fostered by our commitment to developing successful business relationships and performing our roles to the highest standards. Our reputation depends on our integrity. Believe in yourself, your product, and your ability to deliver it. Always do what you say you will. That is what we do every day.

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“Integrity, on-time delivery, honesty and accountability are the corner stones of Jertyne Interior Services.”